Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall...Fab to Drab? Of Course Not!

Ahhh...It feels like fall, finally.   As the leaves are beginning change so are our closets.  Our color pallets are changing from bright vibrant colors to more muted greys, browns and blacks.  But, just because it cold outside does not mean our wardrobe has to turn from fab to drab.

I have picked a few examples of colorful accessories that easily be worn with a fall color palette.

I love the orange, green and yellow together in this adorable clutch.  These great colors are perfect paired with a grey or silver color palette. I would even love to see it with winter white!  The yellow bubble is smart way to add pop to your neckline.  But if that scares you...add texture instead with a simple scarf.  If you are really daring...try adding this scarf with the bubble.  It is a great way to layer your accessories and add interest.
These can easily be worn with chocolates as well.  Don't be afraid to play and find what you like.

If you like darker color tones you might find you can't live without these....

Ahhh...I love the snake on this killer clutch.  It is simple, well done and very fashion savvy.  The two tone contrast between the cream and black is interesting...but, the texture of the snake adds another element of style. 
The gold earrings cannot go unnoticed!  If you do not have must go get them right now.  They are great.  They are simple but add style and work easily with any face shape or hair style.  
These accessories work well with the obvious black color palette.  However, don't be afraid to step out of the box and pair these with cream or even green!

Now I am hooked... As if the drop in the climate does not have me excited enough!  Check out the bit style necklace.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  The gold finish is rich.  I love it paired with the cuffs also.  (cuffs are offered in blue, black and turquoise)  The clutch is a perfect way to add a pop of color.  It can be easily worked into any outfit with blues or greys.

The fun doesn't stop there.  After all...we have not talked about CHOCOLATE....

I would love to see these accessories with our very own 7 for All Mankind Sepia Brown denim and a simple chocolate T.  Pairing these color tones with a vibrant handbag is very vogue.  The chain multi color necklace is a great way to tie the entire story together.  

We would love for you to come play and try these accessories with your own creations.  Don't be afraid to bring in pieces you already own.  We will be happy to help you jazz 'em up!

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