Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Our Summer Collection just keeps getting better and better by the week. We have infused our customers' favorite floral patterns with fun pastels and bold neon colors of the season. Also we're receiving a great Bamboo gladiator style sandal to wear with any outfit, you can dress them up or dress them down. They are going pretty fast already. We got them in Monday and we have already sold so many. And of course we have that perfect summer dress that can be worn out to dinner or out to a fun Summer BBQ.
Also, something new to Mode: we are bringing out our more sophisticated style. We have always marketed ourselves as being fashionable and affordable, but now we would like all of you to know that just because we pride ourselves on these values, we also bring in these affordable prices for every age and every fashion genre. We want our clients to realize that not only do we cater to the young and fashion forward but we also outfit the mature and chic as well. We pride ourselves and our collections on being versatile yet economical. We have your classy favorites like Trina Turk and Susana Monaco, and of course still carry everyones affordable favorites like Down East Basics and Press.


DownTown Nights
First Fridays
in downtown Thomasville
Never Ordinary... Always Extraordinary!

Downtown Luau!
June 4, 2010
Shopping & Dining Hours
until 9pm
Entertainment for the entire Family!
(229) 227-7020

MODE will be participating in Downtown Luau!
Make sure to stop by and see us!
We will have refreshments to welcome you and bring in the summertime!
HERE is our pick of the week! This cute little green floral silk dress by Ventti, a new designer to Mode. With a flirty crocheted detail on the front and up the straps,we fell in love with the dress as soon as we unpacked it. Here we have paired it with a cropped black denim jacket by Love Tree and a vintage Art by Amy necklace. This look is sure to turn heads this summer. Sexy and fun!
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Don't forget about our newest product additions: FUN eyeshadows, SEXY lipglosses, and CHIC sunglasses. We also still carry your favorite 7 jeans, along with Citizens, and Lucky Brands. And we always have the perfect tops to suit any circumstance.
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THE shoes! Please do not miss the chance to pick up these super cute and affordable sandals by Bamboo. We are practically giving them away... You wont believe the price.
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You remember the designer, 5th Culture? They gave us a yellow, pink, and orange silky tops with this pattern. Now they have designed this perfect little sleeveless dotted ruffle dress that ties on the side! This can be worn with heels to a romantic dinner or can be worn as a daytime shopping dress with friends. What ever the occasion or reason, this dress will suit you.
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"I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart!" New to Mode this week, is this cute little denim dress with a white feminine stitching detail at the top and waist. Paired with a pair of chic cowboy boots, you'll be sure to rope 'em in. Here we have added a little extra flirty detail by tying a Lucky Brand silk scarf around the neck. YeeHaw!
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At MODE, we still have that great selection of jewelry you love us for. And newly added we are also carrying big framed sunglasses. If you are looking for a particular style or selection leave us a comment or let us know next time you are in the store. Lets see what we can do for you.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Blondes and Brunettes alike! This Susana Monaco is for you!
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Three Cheers for TRINA TURK!
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New Lavender Down East Basic Dress with Pockets!! Get yours before its too late!
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Birds of a feather, flock together!


Our new line we carry here at Mode is cracker-jack packed with cute designs like the ultra feminine light blue dress with cute bird detail! We just cant get over this little number!!! Here we paired it with a Trina Turk crochet sweater! Too cute!
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Eye popping shadows and liners...

Check out this palate of fun eye shadows. A mixture of colors for any skin tone!
And also this nifty ultra chic and compact eyeliner that is both liquid liner and pencil liner. A must have!

Welcome Back...

“Oh my Gosh, the store looks AH-MAZING”, were the first words out of my mouth when I walked back into the store after being out of the country for two weeks! Andrea has really out done herself this time. She is always rearranging the store, keeping things fresh and fun by bringing in random relics like bicycles, elk heads and push mowers. She always manages to keep shocking me even after I have worked for her for some time, but that makes Andrea a great business woman. Andrea is always switching things up and making them interesting. Her recent project has been incorporating a few cosmetics like lip glosses, nail polish, eye shadows, and eye liners. The lip glosses and lip stains are super affordable and are the popular shades for the season. Berry, Sparkle Peach, Mango, and a Nude. A color to match any outfit or mood. The fun assortments of glosses range from a high gloss to just a little shimmer. Starting at just $4.

Sarah's Trip To Nicaragua

For my major Summer Vacation trip this summer, Andrea was kind enough to let me venture to Nicaragua for two weeks for a geology trip with Thomas University. We left May 3rd from Jacksonville, flew to Miami International then hopped on a TACA plane and flew down to the Nicaragua capital, Managua. A chaotic city filled with smells of burnt meat surrounded by lush green sleeping volcanoes. My main goal when I was there to experience the culture and scale the important volcanoes: Mission Accomplished!

In total I climbed 5 volcanoes, one which was an 8 hour hike, 7 miles to the top and 7 miles back down. I conquered Maderas of Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. A feat few have accomplished. Despite being the smaller volcano on the island of Ometepe the Maderas still is a huge volcano, almost 1,400 meters high. Coffee plantations are located at the bottom part of the volcano. More uphill grows a cloud forest . For a reward, there was lagoon in the inactive crater of the volcano.

Ascending the volcano was only possible by foot. The trail started off quite steep but in good condition. We passed some petroglyphs and a nice lookout from where we could see the Concepción volcano and the lake. Hiking got tougher from this point. The humidity transformed the trail into a muddy, slippery path. The more we ascended, the worse it got. Sometimes we had to really climb instead of walk.

There are trees everywhere, so we didn’t get great views. And especially when we reached the cloud forest our view was completely restricted to nearly 6 feet in front of us. Which to me was a good thing, I wasnt able to look up and see how steep the climb in front of me was. I just kept looking where my feet were going and hoped I would reach the top soon.

Hiking to the top took about three and a half hours. From there, we continued and descended to the lagoon. This required some tough climbing. The lagoon itself was cold and covered in mist. To stand at the edge of the lagoon that is surrounded by trees and covered by a mysterious curtain of mist when monkeys howl on the background was quite a special experience, though. This was our reward, but we had only half finished our journey.

Then we started on our descent, which as soon as we finished our sandwiches we had to hurry and start back up the crater of the volcano due to the amount of rain coming down we were in for a rough time. There were waterfalls of mud and rock, and this climb was the most difficult and frustrating for me, I broke my hiking stick so I had to climb on my hands and knees up the crater to look a replacement stick to safely make my way down the mud slide and rocks. Descending the volcano took at least the same time as ascending. The whole trip took about eight hours. It was well worth the scratches and heat going up and the slips on the way down to say that I have scaled a volcano.
Besides a bunch of climbing and hiking, we also got to do some shopping at the Masaya Markets. I actually sent Andrea a postcard from here, maybe when it finally makes its way to Thomasville we will have it somewhere in the store. Here I was able to buy pottery, art, and relics that were associated with Nicaraguan culture. A great place to find neat pieces for your home décor, but no real fashion necessities to be found, believe me, I looked.
There was also a lot of really interesting food. A typical dish would be rice and beans with a type of meat, but there was an afternoon that I got to try some real delicacies: turtle eggs and an animal related to a rodent. Rodent good but turtle egg never again, I felt guilt afterward…. And it didn’t taste so great. Oh well.
All and all I had a really great time but I was glad to come back home. Home sweet home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need Khaki pants?

If shorts are not your bag, don't worry. We have a great boyfriend Khaki pant. They are sooo comfortable. Come try 'em on!

Need Bermuda's?

Check out these adorable blue denim bermuda shorts. They just arrived at Mode. We have a full size run available, but at they won't last (the price is just too good).

Got Summer Vacation?

Summer vacations are right around the corner. I am sure you have great plans and I can not wait to hear about them. Do you need the perfect outfit that you can jumble up in your suitcase and then pull out for dinner? Want to look casual, but dressy, but not overdressed, but not underdressed? Well...we have it. This suplex material is wonderful for travel. You can wear it daytime and then to dinner. It's great for the woman that wants to look (let's say) put together with no effort.

Check it out!