Friday, December 17, 2010

Trina Turk Resort Wear has ARRIVED!!!

Trina Turk Boutique! Ladies, I just had to show you how fun and quirky Trina Turk, the designer, truly is! We hope you enjoy the pieces we have chosen for you this season!
The Jayne Sweater in Royal Blue!

The NEW Mrs. Robinson Dress!! I love the name of this dress!! Time to channel your inner cougar, or at least feel as cool and sexy as one!

The Romanced Dress! This is the ultimate LBD! And a must see!
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Finally! Well, we never thought the cold weather days would get here, but here they are and at Mode we are welcoming Mr. Jack Frost with open arms! We have "Decked the Halls" and walls of Mode! From the chandelier to the elk, we are doing our part with spreading the Christmas cheer.

What special traditions do you and your family celebrate during the holidays? Leave us a comment! We would love to hear about it! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

Finally the Fall weather is starting to tiptoe into our small town of Thomasville, Ga. The crisp breeze blowing through downtown, making leaves twirl and branches sway. Andrea was just saying, “Doesn’t this weather make you want to cuddle?” And it does. Here at Mode we are inspired by the changing of the seasons and this Fall weather has made us passionate for burnt oranges, fading yellows, and plantation greens. We have used this palette from cardigans to cocktail dresses. Need an outfit to help you find a honey to cuddle up to this Fall? No problem! We can assist you in putting together the perfect look that will make YOU feel Fall Fabulous!

Another great thing about this cool fall air is the calming affect it has on everyone. The dancing leaves and the breeze blowing through your hair, makes this time of year feel almost magical. Everyone is so relieved of all the hot humid days that they smile more, they relax and slow down. Happiness starts here. Here in small town Thomasville, Ga.

We are so proud to be a part of the Downtown scene. Not every community is as fortunate as we are having a thriving downtown, with such a variety of shops, locally owned restaurants, and more.

Our mantra for the month of November is, “Happy starts here. Happy starts here. Happy starts here.”

Be Thankful. Be Happy. Be Fabulous.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ladies, start channeling your inner Brigitte Bardot, one of the hottest fashion trends this Fall season and on into 2011 is the French New Wave! Inspired by the film movement in the 1960s, you will see colossal floral prints, babydoll-esque dresses with leggings, Big Bardot hair (Bump-Its), and clean monochromatic three-piece suits. Whether you connect with the Parisian Prep or the Belles de Fleurs certainly this incredibly feminine vogue is a must try. J’adore, qui!

Another noteworthy trend is the Gypsy Chic look. Put away your flat irons and let your hair go wavy and free! (We love the whole, just got done rolling around in a field look with flower petals and twigs mixed in with your tussled mane”, but we don’t know how people at the grocery store would feel about that). Minimal eye make-up, flushed cheeks, and freshly bitten lips will help you radiate this free spirited look. Mixing in Equestrian Romantic Pieces will also help fit in this Fall Season.

Our favorite look this season is pairing slate greys with pops of neon, whether in cropped jacket form or flats! This trend is a must!

Also tried and true statements for this season are the bright red retro lips. Flip through any magazine and you will see advertisement after advertisement promoting sensuous red lip shades. An ad that I saw that I loved simply stated, “Renew your love affair with red. And following with the retro theme, gear- up in an old school driving loafer will be everywhere this Fall.

No matter what trend you latch to this Fall, the girls at Mode are here to assist in any fashion explorations or emergencies!And on a side note: This picture, to me,embodies everything about this fall season! Strive for this!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini Mode has a new look!

Now there is even more reason to visit us upstairs: we've re-decorated! Everyone thought it was time for more color and fun to be added to the atmosphere and it is definately an improvement. We moved a few things around, but most importantly added new paint to the walls...a bright lime green and even polka dots :) Our favorite touch is the wall with the big vertical stripes. Our cute shop just got even cuter!
Most importantly though, we needed the atmosphere to compliment all of the precious and girly clothes we have to offer. Of course we will never dissapoint when it comes to our selection! In fact, we're recieving shipments all of the time. Fall arrivals are here:

Here is a special garmet bag that we just started carrying- not to mention a perfect gift idea with Christmas right around the corner! You can even personalize it with monagramming...and we also have it avaliable in brown with pink trim: if all of that isn't exciting enough, we have MORE great news!! We are pleased to announce that we will start carrying 2-6 year girls clothing in the spring! Two of the lines we will offer are Pink Chicken and Tea.

Pink Chicken features "vintage inspired dresses in classic silhouettes but with a retro feel."

Tea offers children’s fashions with the tagline “for little citizens of the world,” celebrating the beauty found in cultures around the world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SHHH.... we dont want this secret to get out, but rumor has it that this necklace is selling for double at Anthroplogy.....just sayin'! We think this bib style necklace is tribal and vintage all wrapped in one! This funky avacado green silky blouse is flattering on all body types. The side rouching really does amazing tricks. Come see! Dress if up or dress it down, it is great with skinny jeans, trouser jeans. If your occassion is a little more "to do", try pairing it with a nice black pant. We love it finished with a skinny belt.
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gor·geous (gorjes)
a. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent: wore a gorgeous Victorian gown.
b. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance: the pianist's gorgeous technique.
2. Informal Wonderful; delightful.

Hepburn Crop

"Audrey is a magical combination of high chic and high spirits."

This is our version of that classic Audrey Hepburn style, updated with this popping neon yellow! Shown here with a classic dark denim, grey Down East Basic Tee, and fabulous layered necklaces. However, if you are truly channeling your inner Audrey, add a black cigarette pant, black turtle neck, black flats and BOOM….you have the ultimate Hepburn look.

Accentuate the Positives

Well, even though the weather outside is not so “frightful”, we are still bringing you a few delightfully Fun Fall pieces! Take a look at this Slate Grey Wool Poncho by Theme. The perfect anytime sweater that can be thrown over a white tee and a worn-in pair of your favorite jeans! Also, if you are a bit shy about your mid-section, cropped sweaters really slim you down and then really accentuates your positives! And its really cute!!