Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

Finally the Fall weather is starting to tiptoe into our small town of Thomasville, Ga. The crisp breeze blowing through downtown, making leaves twirl and branches sway. Andrea was just saying, “Doesn’t this weather make you want to cuddle?” And it does. Here at Mode we are inspired by the changing of the seasons and this Fall weather has made us passionate for burnt oranges, fading yellows, and plantation greens. We have used this palette from cardigans to cocktail dresses. Need an outfit to help you find a honey to cuddle up to this Fall? No problem! We can assist you in putting together the perfect look that will make YOU feel Fall Fabulous!

Another great thing about this cool fall air is the calming affect it has on everyone. The dancing leaves and the breeze blowing through your hair, makes this time of year feel almost magical. Everyone is so relieved of all the hot humid days that they smile more, they relax and slow down. Happiness starts here. Here in small town Thomasville, Ga.

We are so proud to be a part of the Downtown scene. Not every community is as fortunate as we are having a thriving downtown, with such a variety of shops, locally owned restaurants, and more.

Our mantra for the month of November is, “Happy starts here. Happy starts here. Happy starts here.”

Be Thankful. Be Happy. Be Fabulous.

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