Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Arrival from ROXY

Just LOVE this denim jacket!!!!


Hey...don't forget we have great swimwear. Still a few sizes left.

ROXY Girls

GIRLS...Be sure and check out our great new arrivals from ROXY. Its is a little edgy, fun and flirty! (But, don't worry"ll approve)


Summer is slowly coming to an end and of course it is almost time to start thinking about "Back to School" shopping. I know it can be difficult to think about clothes during the hottest months in South Georgia, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Mode is receiving large shipments of Girls size 7-16 every week. We have had so much fun hand picking each item, and now it is like a big birthday party opening all the boxes! Come in and visit us...we are well stocked and prepared to help you with your back to school NEEDS!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hooray! Andrea is back!

Did you notice the last time you were in Mode, that maybe some of the spunk was missing? Well Ladies have no fear! Andrea is back from a well deserved vacation with her family in Seaside, FL. Come in and say "Hey"!
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Judith March

All Hail Judith March! This original designer never disappoints! This adorable brown tiered frock can be worn either as a dress to shop around town in or paired with a pair of our white denims makes the cutest top! Its a must have!!
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These faux gold earrings will look fabulous with the new Trina Turk Ingrid top!!
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The Trina Turk Ingrid top goes perfect with this long chain necklace with layered gems and charms!!
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Ingrid Blouse

The Ingrid Blouse in Trina’s signature Nomadic Peacock print has a mandarin collar, a front placket with five bronze looped buttons and flared dolman sleeves buttoned at the elbow.

Polynesia Dress

WARNING! Approach this sweater with caution! Yes, ladies, that's right! I said "sweater". Our Fall Collection from Trina Turk has started to come in and these are pieces that every woman needs to feel fashionable this fall!!! The Riva sweater is cream colored and is meant to be worn over a long sleeved shirt or blouse. And as you can tell it has chunky stitching and has a chic razor back design! You will LOVE this piece!
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We absolutley LOVE this Coral Chunky Necklace!!! Think J.Crew! You can pair it with a fun checkered shirt, as shown here, or wear it with a white tank and jeans to jazz up the "modern girls uniform"!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Have you not been into Mode yet? We have been on the Bricks now for almost a year. We opened our doors last Fall and have been bringing affordable fashion to downtown Thomasville ever since. At first we started with just the downstairs, with a chic collection of jewels and gems that would add spice to any "modern girl's uniform", a white tank and a pair of boyfriend jeans.
Speaking of jeans, we carry a fit and a style for every form. For the more curvy, we have the Kimmie from Seven, that was designed specifically with the curvier woman in mind *think Kim Kardashian. We have the Kelly Wonder Jean from Citizens, the perfect fit and one of our favorites. We also carry Lucky Jeans, not just your momma's jeans. Come in and try on a pair.

In November we added Mini-Mode upstairs where we outfit girls ages 7-16. We carry Truly Me by SaraSara, Haven Girl, Miss Me and lots of other fun and trendy lines. We didn't forget that the young diva LOVES jewelry too! We carry MOGO, the Magnetic Charm Bands, Personalized Bottle Top Chokers, Silly Bandz and much more! Mini-Mode is the only place in Thomsville that carries sizes 7-16 that allows mother and daughter to compromise on fashion. Our clothing is not too pricey and not too revealing but still unique and edgy, allowing the girls to express their own personalities. Every young girls' shopping haven is upstairs @ Mini-Mode!!

At Mode, we define ourselves as being affordable fashion. Yet we do carry some higher end designers like Trina Turk and Susanna Monacco. Both classic, sophisticated looks that truly accentuate the style of both the youthful and the mature clients.

Come visit us at Mode! We have a little bit of everything!
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Pink Ribbon Sale

Yeap! Thats right! Mode is having a sale! And our spring and summer collections have GOT-TO-GO! As you walk through our newly painted doors you will notice pink ribbons tied to the tops of hangers, those items will be sold at a 25% discount!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something's Different...

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Whether you have been taking a stroll downtown or you have been on a shopping mission, you may have noticed by now a drastic change in the appearance of our storefront! Black is out and white is in! You know how we are constantly changing the store around to keep it fresh, fun, and fabulous for our clients? Well now we have taken it a step further and painted the outside of our building. From chic black to light white. And we love it! We also have brought down our awning and will soon be replacing it with something a little bit more sophisticated and flirty. Think “French boutique”!!! Tell us what you think!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pink Ribbon Sale

Look at this photo!
Notice anything unusual?
Pink Ribbons, maybe?
Pink Ribbons = Sale Item!
Yep, that's right! Mode is having a sale! Everything that has a pink ribbon tied to it is marked down 25% off!! Even our Trina Turk is going for cheap! We need to make room for all the great items Andrea has ordered for the Fall collection. AND Andrea is also taking a trip to New York City to see what she can bring back down to us in the South. So get ready ladies!
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We just love our in house Finches!
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Yep! Thats right! Mode is now selling Silly Bands! My personal favorite is the glitter mermaid!
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MOGO-The Modern Magnet

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The old-fashioned charm bracelet just got a facelift, thanks to MOGO, the magnetic charm. The line combines interchangeable magnetic charms and linkable charmbands in seven funky colors to update the tween favorite accessory. You can link several charmbands together to make a headband or belt. These little bracelets have been so popular. Really great for a birthday gift idea! Think Pandora for little girls!
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We are sad to see our college girls leave... This is Meredith. She has been a big help over the summer. She will be leaving us to attend VSU. We are also loosing the great Taylor. But she hasn't let me take a picture of her yet. Soon to come.
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Mode has been “off line” for the past two weeks due to Sarah’s camera and computer went to Africa with her dad. So just think the same camera that is used to take pictures for the store blog also was used to shoot some spectacular sunrises in Ethiopia.
But besides that…We have been getting a really great response from all of you about our new look. A few of the comments we have heard are things like, “[The store] looks more open and bright.” “The way the set up makes it easier to look through the clothes.” “Is that an Elk head?” To be honest, we actually like the store with all its changes a lot more than when we first opened our doors. As some of you might know, it can sometimes be very slow during the summer, just because people are out of town or what not, but that doesn’t mean that work slows down for us here at the store. Nope, we are constantly coming up with new ways to freshen the look of the store. For example, Andrea’s newest project is taking on the challenge of redoing the front of Mode. We a getting rid of the black and red awning (you will have to wait and see what color we are picking out!) And we are also painting the front of the store….believe me, you will see the difference when you drive down the bricks! We hope you are all liking what we are doing, please let us know by sending us an email at Or simply popping your head in the door. The great thing about having a business in a small town like Thomasville, everyone is friendly and is always willing to stop in for a chat. We look forward to seeing you all!

Our store is overflowing with new jewelry! Andrea went to market in Atlanta about a week ago and brought in all new earrings, necklaces, rings, etc! Fun bright colors for summer but also classic pieces to start off your fall collection. Come in a check it out before its all gone.
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