Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Back...

“Oh my Gosh, the store looks AH-MAZING”, were the first words out of my mouth when I walked back into the store after being out of the country for two weeks! Andrea has really out done herself this time. She is always rearranging the store, keeping things fresh and fun by bringing in random relics like bicycles, elk heads and push mowers. She always manages to keep shocking me even after I have worked for her for some time, but that makes Andrea a great business woman. Andrea is always switching things up and making them interesting. Her recent project has been incorporating a few cosmetics like lip glosses, nail polish, eye shadows, and eye liners. The lip glosses and lip stains are super affordable and are the popular shades for the season. Berry, Sparkle Peach, Mango, and a Nude. A color to match any outfit or mood. The fun assortments of glosses range from a high gloss to just a little shimmer. Starting at just $4.

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