Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We hope that all of you have had a fabulous and fantastic New Year so far. Everyone looks forward to a New Year! A renewed sense of self and a new attempt at taking on tasks or projects that makes you feel good about being YOU! If any of you are thinking about trying something new this new year, GO AFTER IT! Take an art class or a cooking class. Make a promise to yourself that every day you will do such and such at the gym! Try and really make this new year the happiest yet! Become content with yourself and give yourself permission to feel fabulous, inside and out!
At Mode we have started OUR change! Everyone here is walking around with a little sparkle in her eye! Andrea has started re-modeling the store! YOU MUST COME IN and see our electric new look!
Here are the MAGIC WORDS you have been longing to hear: NEW ARRIVALS! Beautiful vintage-y looking navy cardigans, a multi-use skirt that can be worn as a dress!
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New Arrivals in JEANS! Welcome to Dita Jean to the Mode family of Fashion Jeans! The Dita is made by one of our favorite brands, Citizen of Humanity. And it is the classic boot cut you expect from CIT but made with the petite girl in mind ( and when I say petite I mean if you are not 6 foot and from the Amazon). Ladies get a move on to try on a pair of these "perfectly petite" Dita Jeans.Another NEW addition @ MODE, are our Max Lip glosses. If you want kissable lips this Valentines Day, you must try these great, affordable lip glosses.....$5 a tube!! And all the colors with make your lips look ripe enough to bite ( if you are into that sort of thing).

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