Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Anniversary Party

Well the social event has come and gone and Ladies we could not have asked for a better result!! A day filled with shopping, champagnes, and friends!
Congratulations to Brian and Emily Ross for wining the Name the Diva Contest! They should swing by the shop today to pick up their prize, a free gift certificate:) I will snap a photo of them with the "Front Door Diva" whose name is officially (drum roll, please)......Funky Modina! We love this name and thank all other participants! We posted all the pictures taken that Saturday on our Facebook page, so pop online and check them out!
If you didnt get a chance to come by for the anniversary party, dont worry that, cause even though we had such a great day sales wise.... we still have a ton a new merchandise! The day before the Anniversary Party we had maybe 6 or 7 huge boxes come in.... so it was a day filled with unpacking, steaming, hanging....clothes, that is. Pictures to come soon!

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