Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wanna know why I love working at Mode? Cause the owner, Andrea, keeps me on my toes! She is always searching for ways to improve the store and the quality of her shoppers’ experience from the second they walk through our double doors to the second they leave. Andrea wants to insure that everyone feels welcomed and benefitted from choosing to shop at her store.

Just recently Andrea got on a kick about the way the inside of the store looked. She thought it was too dark and wanted to lighten everything up by moving some cabinets around and adding fun wall art! Well, last Thursday that is exactly what we did! We brought in our very handyman, Rick White. ( BTW: Thanks to Rick for doing such a great job!) We pushed one of our signature black cabinets to the back section of the store. We centered the other between two newly added racks and Viola we created more space and a brighter space to display our merchandise. Now our merchandise is easier to see and easier to go through.

Something else that is new to our store is that we have created a whole section dedicated to helping you find that perfect denim! Located in the very back of the store is where you can look through all the denims we have available. And if we cannot find a perfect fit for you we can tell you where to find them. Andrea prides herself on being very knowledgeable about how a jean is intended to fit the female form. Haven’t found that perfect cut yet? Let us help! Come check out our new denim section.

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